Tree Shapes

When we look at trees, or we think of a tree we picture a perfectly round shape. No bits sticking out or ruining the perfect lines. 

In reality this is rarely the case. We as people choose to have our trees pruned in to rounded, perfect shapes. Quite often trees will have a limb jutting out or a brunch dangling low and this is how they are formed naturally.

Trees are living organisms and are designed to grow as tall and as wide as they are physiologically allowed. In each branch tip, there is something called Apical dominance, this is basically the branches way of trying to out compete its rival branch.

By pruning the tree and removing this apical dominance something else must take over. If the tree is pruned correctly and is reduced back to a suitable growth point, adventitious buds are controlled and new shoots are restrained.

If, however we cut back the branches to a stub to form the perfect shape the apical dominance is lost and is unable to control the adventitious buds. This, in the coming growing season, will result in a multitude of straight up right shoots forming from the pruning cut (topping cut), ultimately resulting in a thicker denser tree, which presumably is why it was cut in the first place.

As a rule of thumb, all pruning cuts should be made to a growth point one third of the diameter of the branch being pruned!

If in doubt, please call Evoke tree services ltd and we will offer free advice on the best pruning methods for your trees.

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