A Tree Poem

A little poem I put together, inspired by Duncan Slater.
My roots are my lungs I need to breath, compacted and trodden makes me wheeze. Food I get from the leaves I supply, remove too much might make me die. The trunk that gives me a majestic view, does not like a nail or screw. The branches and twigs that bend and sway, are designed to move and flow that way.
The dog wee, the concrete the to name a few, the membrane and pebbles avoid them too. Christmas lights, pigeon spikes old cd’s keep them off me oh pretty please. Enjoy my size for it has taken so long, cutting me in half is terribly wrong. Topped and lopped I’m a sorry old sight, with stubs and tears please feel my plight
Enjoy the labours of my being, the shade I give or flowers worth seeing. Carbon dioxide, I can breathe it all in. I give you oxygen, call it a win! I can increase the value of your dwelling, history I’ve seen is something worth telling. From ships to furniture I’m a useful soul, the benefits I give to reach your goal.
So please don’t abuse or take the rise, for I can be a pleasant surprise. I will watch over children as they grow and provide them a future, I’m sure you know. We cannot live without trees on this earth, even Christ wasn’t alive at the time of their birth.
So, enjoy us, love us, treat us well. We want to live on this earth as well.

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