Could you have known your tree was going to fall over?

So we have just got over storm Ciara and are slowly clearing a way through the debris, only for storm Dennis on the horizon. With trees blown over at the roots, snapped out branches and stems, could you have predicted the outcome, foreseen the inevitable? I say no, however I believe with a tree condition report this would have highlighted potential failings within your tree.

A tree condition report starts with a thorough inspection of the root plate, buttresses and stem. A good look into the crown, union and scaffold branches, then into the out extremities of the crown. With a trained eye, defects, characteristics and tree body language can be deciphered. With this information we can then decide if any remedial action is required to make the tree potentially safer.

As an owner of a trees (or a tree) that could potentially cause harm or damaged to a person or property, you have a duty of care to make sure that your trees are as safe as possible. Failure to do so could see you end up in court under the charge of negligence. Nobody want that to happen.

Give us a call, let the professionals come and assess your trees and give you that peace of mind.

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