A good time for a first?

While we are all on lockdown, we are fortunate to have the yard to give us some more space. Being a tree company my son has always been around trees and until late has shown little interest in climbing them. Until now.

We didn’t start small, we went with a 200 year old Oak tree. Go big or go home I told him. We got our harnesses and hard hats on, I set the ropes and off he went. Like a koala at first clutching the stem as if it were his Xbox controller, he finally moved along the bough and achieved his first limb walk.

Lowering him down was a nervy moment for him, with feet on terrafirma he raced back up to go again, and again, and again. The only advice I gave him was trust your equipment and trust me. He loved it and now he has decided he wants to be either a tree climber or a you tuber, and why not.

The main point of this tale is that while we are locked down, with time on our hands, it’s a great opportunity to try something new, experience something different. It doesn’t have to be an 80ft 200 year old Oak tree, perhaps a new language, a puzzle or playing a musical instrument.

What ever you choose, go for it, give it your best.

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