Lollipop or Natural?

When we think of trees we picture a perfectly round shape. No bits sticking out or ruining the perfect lines. In reality this is rarely the case. We, as people, choose to have our trees pruned in to rounded, perfect shapes. Quite often trees will have a limb jutting out or a brunch dangling low and this is how they are formed naturally.

By removing these over extended limbs back to form the “perfect” shape we may stimulate multiple adventitious buds. In other words, where we made one cut, they’re maybe 5,10 or 15 new shoots appear. This will thicken over time and actually be counter productive to the initial pruning objective.

As a rule of thumb, all pruning cuts should be made to a growth point one third of the diameter of the branch being pruned! if we stick to something near this guide, we will have far less adventitious buds, and far less pruning in future.

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