Home owner, educational space or recreational grounds…ensuring tree safety is essential.

We frequently get asked a variety of questions form our clients covering everything tree-related from tree safety after a heavy storm, understanding when to prune fruit trees, to clarification on how mortgage may be affected by trees on a property you’re possibly looking at buying . So we thought we’d cover each of these in a series of blogs over the coming months.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a head teacher at a local primary school or a golf club owner, it’s imperative that you have clarity that all trees within the boundaries of the property, be that a  house, school, a pub garden or sporting grounds, are healthy and don’t pose any dangers that might harm people or property. The way to be sure is by getting in touch so that we can carry out an evaluation to determine the health, structural integrity, and possible problems connected with trees on your property. It is critical for homes, schools, and any other place where safety is of the utmost importance since it aids in the identification of possible dangers such as sick or structurally challenged trees that might harm people or property. Here are the 4 most asked questions when it comes to tree surveys…

Q1: How often should tree condition surveys be conducted? 

The frequency of tree condition surveys is determined by a variety of criteria, including the type of tree, its age, location, and environmental conditions. As a general rule, conduct inspections at least once a year, especially on properties with a large number of trees or in locations prone to severe weather or insect outbreaks. However, under some situations, such as after a storm or a large change in the tree’s environment, more regular inspections may be required. 

Q2: What are some symptoms that a tree may require maintenance or removal? Several symptoms may suggest that a tree requires treatment or removal, including: 

-Visible symptoms of degradation or disease: Check for fungus growth, dead branches, and discoloured foliage. 
-Cracks, cracks, and tilting might indicate instability. 
-Root problems: Soil upheaval near the tree’s base, root injury, or decay can all jeopardise stability. 
-Pest infestations: The presence of insects or pests, such as wood borers or bark beetles, can wilt a tree. 
-Overhanging branches: Branches that extend over buildings, walkways, or utility wires can be dangerous.

Q3: What are the risks of not doing frequent tree condition surveys? Putting off getting a tree condition survey done can lead to real issues……

– Property damage: Falling branches or trees can cause extensive damage to buildings, automobiles, and other structures. 
– Personal injury: Falling branches or trees can cause significant injuries, especially in high-traffic areas. 
– Liability: Property owners can be held responsible for damages or injuries caused by neglected trees. 
– Environmental impact: Diseased or invasive trees can transfer pests or illnesses to adjacent plants, disrupting the local ecology. 
– Increased maintenance costs: Addressing tree concerns early on with frequent assessments will help avoid costly emergency removals or repairs. 

Q4 How should homeowners and property managers prepare for a tree condition survey? 
If you’re considering getting a tree survey done, consider the following steps…. 

– Provide information such as the types of trees on the site, any prior tree maintenance or difficulties, and any special concerns or observations. 
– Ensure that our team can easily access all parts of the land where trees are situated. 
– Schedule a convenient time for the survey to take place, leaving enough time for a comprehensive evaluation. 
– Prepare to ask questions and discuss any recommendations or findings with our team so that you fully understand the trees’ status and any necessary activities. 
By prioritising tree maintenance and safety via regular condition checks, homeowners, schools, and property managers may contribute to a healthy and secure environment for all inhabitants.

Ready to ensure the safety and health of your trees? Contact Evoke Tree Services today to schedule your tree condition survey. Whether you’re a homeowner, school administrator, golf course owner or pub landlord, our expert team can assess your trees and provide valuable insights to maintain a safe environment. Don’t wait until it’s too late – book your survey now for peace of mind.

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Laura Hanna
Laura Hanna
Can't speak highly enough of this team. Professional, experienced, polite etc etc. 4th time they've been to me ( I don't live in a forest , just got lots of large unruly trees). Ryan and Calum did an amazing job on them. No complaints as they ploughed through all my requests in the pouring rain. Mustn't forget Kate in the office and Billy who leads the team. All of them are fantastic. If you need any tree work Evoke are the only ones to call. Thanks guys . Photo before and after on the front hedge
Sarah Ashton
Sarah Ashton
Evoke are fantastic. From first enquiry to end of the job everything has been easy and professional. They’ve done a great job on our trees and left everything clean and tidy including at our neighbours. Highly recommend!
Simon Heath
Simon Heath
I've used Evoke Tree Services for crown reduction to my large oak tree, hedge trimming, ivy removal and now log supplies. I will continue to use them as their customer service and attention to detail is second to none. Billy and the team are brilliant and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a service they provide. Thanks Evoke!
Jessica Belfield
Jessica Belfield
Evoke Tree Services excels in communication. Their clear guidance through the process and requirements has been invaluable. The tree surgeons were punctual, highly professional, and transformed our garden, leaving it even cleaner than before.
Jo Harris
Jo Harris
Second time using Yvoke and can't be more pleased. The business is knowledgeable and reputable. The last couple of days the guys have been hard at work, they are professional, polite and so hard-working and left my garden super clean. They worked so hard. Could not be more pleased - thanks all and see you next time.
Jim Cremin
Jim Cremin
We were delighted by the work Evoke did on our hedge. This was a significant pruning but was done with care and commonsense. It resulted in a job that was superb - and looked better than anticipated. Their professionalism was appreciated; we can highly recommend the company. Jim
colin barrett
colin barrett
Awesome service. Awesome workmanship. Will definitely use them again.
Jill Knight
Jill Knight
We have used Evoke for our tree work for several years. As always, a very well-done job from start to finish, including the initial visit and obtaining the appropriate permissions from the WHC. All the trees were pruned as requested to a very good shape and the site was cleared of all rubbish.
Anthony Earnshaw
Anthony Earnshaw
Great service.. quick and v polite and friendly
Daniel H
Daniel H
Good service, provided by nice staff. The team handled the application process required for the removal of a number of very large lleyandii, plus the removal and stump grinding. Even dealing with having to work around a large amount of waste material and old fencing from previous owners.