Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

No one can argue we’ve had a very wet Spring, however there’s hope for better weather on the horizon!  With the possibility of a potentially hot Summer, it’s crucial to ensure your trees are ready for the heat and dryness of the coming season. We’re here to guide you through essential summer tree care tips to keep your trees healthy and thriving.

Deep watering is essential for helping trees cope with the heat and dryness of summer. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform deep watering effectively:

Why Deep Watering is Important

  • Promotes Deep Root Growth: Deep watering encourages tree roots to grow deeper into the soil, providing better access to nutrients and moisture and enhancing stability.
  • Improves Drought Resistance: Trees with deep root systems are more resilient to drought and heat stress, as they can access water stored deeper in the soil.
  • Prevents Surface Rooting: Shallow watering leads to roots growing near the soil surface, making trees more vulnerable to drought, temperature fluctuations, and damage.

How to Perform Deep Watering

  1. Assess Soil and Tree Needs
    • Identify the tree species and understand its water requirements. Younger trees and newly planted ones need more frequent watering compared to mature trees.
    • Check the soil type; sandy soils drain faster and may need more frequent watering than clay soils, which retain moisture longer.
  2. Prepare the Soil
    • Remove any surface debris like leaves or mulch to allow water to penetrate the soil more effectively.
    • If the soil is compacted, consider aerating around the tree’s root zone to improve water absorption.
  3. Apply Water Slowly
    • Use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation system placed around the tree’s drip line (the area beneath the outer edge of the tree canopy).
    • Alternatively, you can use a garden hose on a slow trickle, moving it around the base of the tree to ensure even distribution.
    • Water should be applied slowly enough to soak deep into the soil without runoff. Aim for a slow, steady flow to allow water to penetrate at least 12-18 inches deep.
  4. Mulch After Watering
    • After deep watering, apply a layer of mulch around the base of the tree, extending to the drip line. This helps retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature.
    • Keep mulch a few inches away from the trunk to prevent rot and pest problems.

Tips on Watering Frequency and Timing

  • How Often to Water:
    • Young/Newly Planted Trees: Water deeply once or twice a week, depending on weather conditions and soil type. More frequent watering may be necessary during extremely hot or dry periods.
    • Established Trees: Water deeply every 2-3 weeks. Adjust based on rainfall, tree health, and soil moisture levels. Monitor the soil regularly to avoid overwatering.
  • Best Times of Day:
    • Morning: The ideal time to water trees is early in the morning. Cooler temperatures and lower winds reduce evaporation, allowing water to penetrate the soil more effectively.
    • Evening: If morning watering isn’t possible, the evening is the next best option. Watering in the evening also helps reduce evaporation but avoid doing it too late to prevent prolonged leaf wetness, which can lead to fungal diseases.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid Frequent Shallow Watering: This can cause surface rooting, making trees less resilient to heat and drought.
  • Adjust for Weather: Reduce watering after heavy rains and increase it during hot, dry spells.

Following our deep watering techniques, you can help your trees withstand the Summer heat, promoting healthier growth and resilience. If you need assistance or a professional evaluation of your trees’ water needs, contact Evoke Tree Services for expert advice. 

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Laura Hanna
Laura Hanna
Can't speak highly enough of this team. Professional, experienced, polite etc etc. 4th time they've been to me ( I don't live in a forest , just got lots of large unruly trees). Ryan and Calum did an amazing job on them. No complaints as they ploughed through all my requests in the pouring rain. Mustn't forget Kate in the office and Billy who leads the team. All of them are fantastic. If you need any tree work Evoke are the only ones to call. Thanks guys . Photo before and after on the front hedge
Sarah Ashton
Sarah Ashton
Evoke are fantastic. From first enquiry to end of the job everything has been easy and professional. They’ve done a great job on our trees and left everything clean and tidy including at our neighbours. Highly recommend!
Simon Heath
Simon Heath
I've used Evoke Tree Services for crown reduction to my large oak tree, hedge trimming, ivy removal and now log supplies. I will continue to use them as their customer service and attention to detail is second to none. Billy and the team are brilliant and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a service they provide. Thanks Evoke!
Jessica Belfield
Jessica Belfield
Evoke Tree Services excels in communication. Their clear guidance through the process and requirements has been invaluable. The tree surgeons were punctual, highly professional, and transformed our garden, leaving it even cleaner than before.
Jo Harris
Jo Harris
Second time using Yvoke and can't be more pleased. The business is knowledgeable and reputable. The last couple of days the guys have been hard at work, they are professional, polite and so hard-working and left my garden super clean. They worked so hard. Could not be more pleased - thanks all and see you next time.
Jim Cremin
Jim Cremin
We were delighted by the work Evoke did on our hedge. This was a significant pruning but was done with care and commonsense. It resulted in a job that was superb - and looked better than anticipated. Their professionalism was appreciated; we can highly recommend the company. Jim
colin barrett
colin barrett
Awesome service. Awesome workmanship. Will definitely use them again.
Jill Knight
Jill Knight
We have used Evoke for our tree work for several years. As always, a very well-done job from start to finish, including the initial visit and obtaining the appropriate permissions from the WHC. All the trees were pruned as requested to a very good shape and the site was cleared of all rubbish.
Anthony Earnshaw
Anthony Earnshaw
Great service.. quick and v polite and friendly
Daniel H
Daniel H
Good service, provided by nice staff. The team handled the application process required for the removal of a number of very large lleyandii, plus the removal and stump grinding. Even dealing with having to work around a large amount of waste material and old fencing from previous owners.