Breast Cancer awareness

At Evoke, we have decided that through the month of October we will wear our pink tops and t-shirts every Friday to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer. The team…

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Why choose Evoke?

Evoke is my company, im bound to think its better than most. When I start to analyse why I can then see. 1 - We are an Arboricultural Approved Contractor,…

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Coffee table anyone?

Over the years we have collected various pieces of wood. All are different shapes, species and sizes. Those that follow our social media have seen I made some Oak benches…

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Death by Protector!

Death by Protector!
Death by protector

This Cedar was planted around 30 years ago. The tree loving person also invested in the installation of a metal guard to protect the young tree from potential harm. They…

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Covid 19

Covid 19
Evoke tree services safety equipment

So I thought I would let you know what we have been up to since being back at work. There wasn't many benefits to lockdown, one though was spending more…

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Lowering tree sections

When we have to remove trees or sections of trees with targets below it can make an already difficult job even more complicated. In this video you can see we…

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Lollipop or Natural?

Lollipop or Natural?
Tree without perfect shape

When we think of trees we picture a perfectly round shape. No bits sticking out or ruining the perfect lines. In reality this is rarely the case. We, as people, choose…

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Arboricultural Approved Contractor

We are really pleased to announce that we have passed our assessment to become part of the Arboricultural Approved Contractors Scheme. This is something we have been trying to achieve…

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A good time for a first?

A good time for a first?
A good chance to learn the basics

While we are all on lockdown, we are fortunate to have the yard to give us some more space. Being a tree company my son has always been around trees…

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Keeping busy

Keeping busy
Fun time

With the worlds problems still prevalent, the business closed for the foreseeable, it was an opportunistic time to get those jobs done that have been pushed to the back of…

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