Work at Heights Regulations

What All aerial tree work has its dangers, full from heights can have devastating impacts on people and the industry. Over the last year the HSE has decided to toughen…

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Two Trees or Three Three Ligustrum japonicum were planted in this clients garden to provide some screening from the windows behind. With architectural stems and a variegated leaf it offers great appeal.

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Becoming CHAS accredited

So what is CHAS? CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. This means we are compliant with industry standards. In old money, We look after our staff to…

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This majestic Oak tree is probably around 250 - 300 years old. We had the pleasure of reducing it over the last day or so. Now I agree it looks…

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A Tree Poem

A little poem I put together, inspired by Duncan Slater.My roots are my lungs I need to breath, compacted and trodden makes me wheeze. Food I get from the leaves…

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Toolbox talks, so what are they?

A ‘toolbox talk’ is a short presentation to the workforce on a single aspect of health and safety. It is a chance to explain how and why things are done, also…

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What fungi can do!

So this is a Beech tree. This is a Beech tree that is not in good condition. This is a Beech tree that has a lot of dysfunctional wood because…

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