The Buzz About Bees: How Trees Help Pollinators in May

In May, the buzzing sound of bees signals the start of pollination season. Trees, with their plentiful blossoms and nectar-rich flowers, serve an important role in sustaining these vital pollinators. In this blog post, we’ll look at the unique relationship between trees and bees, specifically how trees offer nourishment and habitat for these important insects […]

Navigating May Showers: Protecting Your Trees During the Rainy Season.

As we’ve all seen, the months of April and May can bring an increase in rainfall, we may moan about what can seem like never-ending rainy days, however these Spring showers nourish the land and encourage the lush growth that we love and that Hertfordshire is famed for. While rain is necessary for our trees’ […]

The Beauty of Blossoms: How Trees Flourish in May

Hertfordshire is a beautiful place to be, especially in May. With so many tree-laden spaces, we’re surrounded by flowering beauty, when trees burst into full bloom, painting the landscape with vivid colours and seductive smells. In this blog post, we’ll look closer at the beauty of blooms and how trees thrive during this wonderful time […]

Spring Tree Care Tips: Essential Maintenance Tasks for May

As the beautiful colours of spring emerge around us in beautiful Hertfordshire, we need to make sure that we are looking after these beautiful blooming trees. May offers a lot of growth and activity to the natural world, making it an ideal time to give our trees some extra attention. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Intricate grapple saws and cranes….

Who doesn’t dream of being able to use one of these big boys toys? In the evolving field of arboriculture, the introduction of cranes and grapple saws has revolutionised how we approach tree care and removal. These advanced tools not only enhance efficiency but also significantly elevate safety standards, ensuring that even the most challenging […]

I need a tree removed, do I need a tree surgeon or an arborist? What’s the difference? 

Tree surgeons and arborists both focus on ‘tree care’, yet their roles differ.  In the realm of tree care, the terms ‘tree surgeon’ and ‘arborist’ are often used interchangeably, yet they denote distinct roles with specific expertise in the UK arboriculture industry. Understanding these differences can guide you in choosing the right professional for your […]

Our tree of the month is……

This month’s highlight is the Cherry Tree, a key player in heralding spring. Noted for their fleeting but beautiful blossoms, these trees are not just about the aesthetics; there’s a lot more to them. Originating from East Asia and the Himalayas, cherry trees belong to the Prunus genus. They are recognized for their striking springtime […]