Autumn and its Colours

Autumn has come and gone. The rain is here and it feels wet and soggy. I love looking back at photos like these to remind me of the beauty that autumn brings. These are a lovely row of Cherry trees located near where I live. In the spring they blossom arrives in a brilliant white […]

Christmas tree at Hampton Court Palace

It was a tight fit to get this tree in at Hampton Court Palace. We had to drive the tree through two archways and then lift and install between the columns. What a great place to work with our crane truck.

Christmas trees at the Tower of London

What had the great pleasure of helping to install the main Christmas tree at the Tower of London earlier this month. Because our crane was small enough and light enough to pass over the bridge an under the archway it was the ideal tool to help with the install.

Evoke Tree Services Limited are proud to be an ARB Approved Contractor

Evoke Tree Services Ltd prides itself on being an ARB Approved Contractor. We understand what this means but recognise it’s important that our clients understand what this represents to them. The ARB Approved Contractor stands as the go-to accreditation for professional tree surgery firms across the UK. An ARB Approved Contractor, is a company that’s […]

The Ready to Burn Certificate: Your Guide to Cleaner and More Efficient Log Burners

With the rising awareness of the environmental impact of wood-burning appliances, including log burners, it’s essential to ensure that the wood you use is clean, efficient, and sustainable. We’re pleased to say that Evoke Tree Services Limited are proud recipients of the “Ready to Burn” certificate. In this blog, we’ll explore what the Ready to […]

Winter Pruning: Nurturing Fruitful Futures for Your Trees

With the hazy days of Summer firmly in the rear view mirror, Autumn has arrived with a slightly chilly bang here in Hertfordshire! Yes, we know that darker evenings and colder temperatures of the Winter season will be on their way, but it’s not all doom and gloom! Our gardens in these colder months can […]

New certificate

We are pleased to show off our new certificate. This demonstrates that we are selling quality firewood below the 20% moisture content level of The Air Quality (Domestic Solid FuelsStandards) (England) Regulations 2020 Part 2 for those fuels listed required by DEFRA. Call us now for a great deal on firewood and kindling.

Arborist v’s Tree Surgeon

In the world of tree care, it’s important to distinguish between two crucial professions: arborists and tree surgeons. These distinctions hold particular relevance for businesses seeking specialized tree care services. This blog aims to clarify the differences between these two roles in simpler terms, suitable for a general audience. 1. Arborists: Tree Care Specialists Arborists […]


Demand Good Reviews & Recommendations: Ensure a solid reputation before entrusting your trees to anyone. Seek recommendations and do your research. 2️⃣ Insist on Excellent Service: From inquiry to invoice, expect clear and consistent communication. If they falter in communication, what about the work? 3️⃣ Thorough Quotation is Key: Even a simple job deserves a […]