Logs for sale in Welwyn Garden City

Evoke offers logs for sale in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding area. Our logs are seasoned and have a moisture content of 20% or less, which is suitable for efficient burning.

What are ‘seasoned’ logs?

Fresh cut logs contain more water than seasoned ones, so they do not burn as hotly as seasoned ones, which means your fire is not working efficiently.

Another important factor is that wet wood causes a tarry residue to form in chimneys or flues, which is dangerous if it builds up, and is also corrosive to flues.

Can I keep wood from my trees?

When we prune or fell trees we are happy to remove all wood and clear the site. However, if you want to keep wood to cut your own logs we will leave it for you.

What do logs cost?

We charge £70 for approximately 1 cubic ton. This is approximately the amount that would fit in a ‘builders bag’ 1m x 1m x 1m.

Log delivery

Our price includes log delivery in the Welwyn Garden City area. The logs will be tipped onto your drive or the nearest convenient access point, as advised by you.

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The water content of live or freshly cut wood is 35-60%, depending on the season and the species. Seasoning reduces this to 20% or less which ensures that the wood burns as hotly and efficiently as possible.

Looking for logs for sale in Welwyn Garden City? Our log prices include log delivery in the Welwyn Garden City area.