The Beauty of Shade: Planting Trees to Cool Your Summer

Who doesn’t love the Summer months? The Winter woollies and wellies get stashed away replaced by shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. Not everyone wants to soak up the sunshine however, preferring a nice shady spot where you can still enjoy your outdoor space but relish some shade. Why not beat the summer heat this year by […]

Summer thunderstorms – are you prepared?

Yes, we’re all hoping for a long hot summer. However, given that we live in the UK, guarantees like that are probably unrealistic! The Met Office often advises us to brace for summer thunderstorms, which can be unpredictable and cause significant damage to your landscape. Here’s some great advice on storm-proofing your trees to minimize […]

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

No one can argue we’ve had a very wet Spring, however there’s hope for better weather on the horizon!  With the possibility of a potentially hot Summer, it’s crucial to ensure your trees are ready for the heat and dryness of the coming season. We’re here to guide you through essential summer tree care tips […]

The wonders of a Wildlife Habitat.

We often ignore little, inconspicuous creatures in our fast-paced modern lives. However, these species are vital to ecosystems. One of the simplest and most effective methods to help local wildlife is to create a wildlife habitat in your own garden. A simple stack of logs at the bottom of your garden can provide refuge and […]

Love your garden this June.

June is an excellent month for gardening, with longer days and warmer weather creating ideal circumstances for development and maintenance. To keep your garden looking its best, here are five tasks to complete this month. These tasks range from caring for your plants to planning for the hot summer months, helping you maintain a vibrant […]

Tree Stump Removal – all you need to know.

Tree stumps can be a lingering reminder of a tree that once stood tall and proud in your garden. Viewed as quaint and rustic by some, for many homeowners a clean, clear space is preferable. Stump removal is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about ensuring safety, preventing pest infestations, and making room for new […]

Our tree of the month – The Mighty Yew.

Known to most of us as the Yew tree, Taxus Baccata is one of the most revered and intriguing trees in the world, an evergreen conifer that can live for thousands of years, it’s one of the longest-living tree species on Earth, distinguished by its dense, dark green leaves, scarlet berries, and patchy bark. One of the […]

The Buzz About Bees: How Trees Help Pollinators in May

In May, the buzzing sound of bees signals the start of pollination season. Trees, with their plentiful blossoms and nectar-rich flowers, serve an important role in sustaining these vital pollinators. In this blog post, we’ll look at the unique relationship between trees and bees, specifically how trees offer nourishment and habitat for these important insects […]

Navigating May Showers: Protecting Your Trees During the Rainy Season.

As we’ve all seen, the months of April and May can bring an increase in rainfall, we may moan about what can seem like never-ending rainy days, however these Spring showers nourish the land and encourage the lush growth that we love and that Hertfordshire is famed for. While rain is necessary for our trees’ […]

The Beauty of Blossoms: How Trees Flourish in May

Hertfordshire is a beautiful place to be, especially in May. With so many tree-laden spaces, we’re surrounded by flowering beauty, when trees burst into full bloom, painting the landscape with vivid colours and seductive smells. In this blog post, we’ll look closer at the beauty of blooms and how trees thrive during this wonderful time […]